Save the Bay News: Plastic, Pollinator Gardens, and Trees from Space

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Our monthly roundup of engaging and educational content for you to enjoy at home. This month we check in with a man on a mission to rid the Susquehanna River of plastic; see which plants will help you create a pollinator buffet; and track trees from space.

Since he started counting in 2018, Pennsylvania resident John Naylor has pulled more than 20,000 plastic bottles and bags, 250 tires, countless plastic lighters, and other trash out of the Susquehanna River. His mission to rid the river of plastic pollution that harms fish and other wildlife is proof of the difference each of us can make. We can do even more together: the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership's work with NASA to measure trees from space to track watershed restoration is just one example. There's a ton you can do to take part—from joining one of our many upcoming volunteer events to planting pollinator-friendly flowers at home. If you're looking for inspiration, this brief history of Bay restoration milestones since the first Earth Day is a good start. And there are plenty of upbeat stories in this month's news roundup—federal funding for Pennsylvania restoration, the return of Fones Cliffs land to the Rappahannock Tribe, the long-awaited freeing of the Ever Forward container ship, and more.

A man in a tattered, light blue baseball cap and yellow life vest sits in a boat with a pile of trash he's collected. Behind the boat, there is an expanse of trash-free water, surrounded by tree-covered mountains.

John Naylor

Attacking Plastic

With a flotilla of five canoes and a small johnboat, Pennsylvania resident John Naylor is on a mission to rid the Susquehanna River of plastic—once collecting 500 bottles in a single day. "I'm doing what I can in my own backyard," he says. "I love being in the outdoors and on the ancient river."

VIDEO: Pollinator Attraction

Nurturing pollinator biodiversity is key to regenerative agriculture, a holistic approach to farming that can improve the quality of the water, air, and soil. But you don't need to be a farmer to help pollinators flourish. This video lists several plants you can add to your landscaping to create a pollinator buffet.

A view from space of the sun rising over Earth's horizon.


Saving the Bay from Space

With a major tree planting season underway this spring, the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership is joining forces with friends in high places: NASA satellites. The satellites will help the partnership track tree heights, an important measure of their survival—and ultimately progress toward improving water quality in Pennsylvania and the Bay downstream.

Earth in Perspective

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation was only three years old when we celebrated the very first Earth Day back in 1970. But we've come a long way since. Look at the history of what this day has meant to all of us who insist on a clean and healthy Earth.

VIDEO: Around the Bay in 60 Seconds

In this month's news roundup: Pennsylvania receives more federal funds for watershed restoration, but EPA finds the Commonwealth's overall plan to reduce pollution is still insufficient; Maryland passes climate legislation; the Rappahannock Tribe celebrates the return of Fones Cliffs land; the massive Ever Forward container ship is finally freed; and more.

A multiracial family walks through a field.

What You Can Do


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